The Islands and the Whales

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Academic Endorsements and Press

"Despite the title, The Islands and the Whales is about people and their precious traditions that are challenged by modern-day pollution and scary messages from scientists. This documentary is captivating and touching, as it goes under the skin of a faraway population and makes you feel the paradoxes that face them...The film provides food for numerous discussions that should stimulate cross-disciplinary student populations, whether from the humanities, political science, medicine, or environmental studies. This film is particularly well suited to expose different perspectives, as there is no finger pointing or finger wagging. It has multiple dimensions, and they are all beautifully depicted." 

- Professor Philippe Grandjean, Harvard University


"The Islands and the Whales is nothing short of a masterpiece, and a keystone in raising awareness of environmental issues, as well as providing a nuanced and unbiased account of the overwhelming complexity of it all. It does all this whilst also conveying a sense of the natural beauty of the Faroe Islands, mainly through the fantastic cinematography, which throws most of the scenes into an artistic, almost designed light." - Guestlist


"This film tackles said complex issue head-on, opening it up for discussion in a way I have never seen done before... With regards to whale hunting, it doesn’t give us an answer, but it forces us to ask a question we hadn’t even considered before. As powerful as it is eye-opening..." - Rachel Cunningham, Live for Film


"Mike Day’s impressive documentary profiles the pilot whale hunters of the Faroe Islands. The film has an elegiac feel....In future years, his documentary is likely to be regarded as a record of the final days of a way of life that cannot not be sustained." - Geoffrey Macnab, Independent


"a characterful, stunningly shot documentary, that excels at presenting the many facets of a very specific problem"- Culture Fly

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